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Inner city development optima forma

Challenges with the square meter

The start of construction of the Adagio and Bolero residential towers in The Hague is oncoming as the building permission has now been granted by the Hague Buildings Commission.

The towers make up a part of the Sonate project at the Spuikwartier, in the heart of The Hague right at the spot where the Ministries of Justice and Home Affairs were previously located.

The project is a good example of Delta Development Group’s expertise: large-scale complex projects. The towers are built on top of an existing parking garage and their foundations will be constructed through this garage. "We were only able to reach the ground level after a year into the construction," says Koert Damstra, director of Delta and responsible for the project, Sonate: "It is an inner city development optima forma." Due to there being other challenges with the project, the towers are being built on two sides right next to the OCC, the new art and culture center which is also being constructed at this time by contracting partnership Cadanz. Close cooperation between two construction companies on a very small building site is therefore imperative, especially as all this is happening in the heart of one of the busiest cities in the Netherlands.

Due to their prominent location, Delta has chosen a high-quality finish for the towers. The quality continues into the interior, both in foot traffic areas and within the appartments.

The entire project will eventually consist of three towers, the latter of which will be developed at a later stage on the site where currently the Nederlands Dans Theater resides. The Dans Theater will eventually move to the OCC to make way for Delta to develop the last tower "Cantate".


Sonate Appartments The Hague


Middle 2021


Adagio: MVSA Architects

Bolero: Klunder Architecten


Boele & Van Eesteren



23.700 m2 GFA residential

268 apartments (2, 3 and 4 rooms)

1.215 m2 LFA  commercial

in 2 units


18.210 m2 GFA residential

188 apartments (2, 3 and 4 rooms)

285 m2 LFA commercial

in 2 units


Spuikwartier, Den Haag


Reggeborgh, VolkerWessels


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  • Delta Development Group_Sonate_Den Haag