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About us

Delta builds on

Delta Development Group originated from the will to create something better without a cost to the planet or the future. After Coert Zachariasse became acquainted with the philosophy of William McDonough and Michael Braungart in 2003, he decided to embrace and focus on Cradle to Cradle® both as a human being and entrepreneur. In the following years Delta Development Group was soon transformed from a traditional project developer into an innovator in sustainable C2C real estate.


Delta Development Group was established in 1988 by Chris Zachariasse. Delta was originally based in Dordrecht and operated as a traditional project developer with a broad portfolio   in all sectors of the real estate market. At the start of development of Park 20|20, the headquarters moved to Hoofddorp where from then on Delta developed and redeveloped exclusively with C2C principles as their fundamental philosophy. Their office at Park 20|20 is located in an innovative building that also serves as an Expo center. From this ‘Technical Nutriënt Pavilion’, new Cradle to Cradle projects are developed in conjunction with the testing of products and service propositions that can also be seen in practice. The building is an example of the way Delta likes to work: in collaboration, sustainably and transparently. Surrounded by their own urban farm this unique location allows the space for contemplation, to work together and to work creatively.

Delta Development Group GERMANY

Delta Immobilienentwicklung Deutschland was set up in 2006 and uses Delta’s Dutch experience in the field of Cradle to Cradle, Human Centered Design and Design for Disassembly to develop within the German real estate market. Edwin Meijerink runs this German branch of the company which has its base in Dusseldorf.

Zachariasse Consulting

Delta Development Group works closely with Zachariasse Consulting. The bureau supports Delta Development Group in the development of real estate which is optimized in accordance to the Cradle to Cradle principle. In addition, Zachariasse Consulting provides advice in the form of presentations and business models to organizations, municipalities, schools etc., both nationally and internationally, whose aim is to be successful in the Circular Economy ™.

Ontmoet onze mensen

The Netherlands

  • Coert Zachariasse

    Coert believes in the power of innovation and has the unique talent of turning a vision into a solid plan that results in sustainable returns. For Coert, Cradle to Cradle® is the guide to giving future generation something valuable. His unstoppable belief in Human Centered Design results in buildings where productivity is demonstrably higher than comparable office premises. His background in Registered Accountancy has been essential in his drive to create a complete business case for Cradle to Cradle® real estate. In his sustainable ambitions Coert  leads the field within Delta and is an acclaimed national and international visionary. As a former accountant he is able to ensure that ‘healthy business’ is literally just that. In 2013  Coert was chosen as the most influential sustainable real estate professional in the Netherlands and Fortune Magazine recognizes him as one of the world’s top 25 eco-innovators.


  • Rob van den Broek

     Rob originally joined Delta as Commercial director, a position he had previously held and wished to retain within a smaller organisation. “I wanted more client and product and less management”.  His wish in terms of Human Centred Design and Cradle to Crade, 10 years on is still being fulfilled, this is thanks to his own capabilities and his colleagues. Rob remains very commercial; idealistic in terms of the subject and the planet, whilst the concept and what that brings to the clients are what matters very much to him. Fortunately one no longer excludes the other: “Cradle to Cradle new build is no longer more expensive than traditional building” says Rob. In recent years, his belief in the positive returns of Circular Building has grown into a reality. “Everything can be measured these days…” which enables us to completely transform transparent, sincere promises into key guarantees regarding the efficiency of the office buildings that we develop.


    Proud of: Park 20|20

    Rob has been part of the development of Park 20|20 right from the start. In the first steps of the masterplan  and the then theoretical Cradle to Cradle philosophy of William McDonough,  Rob states that, “right in the middle of the crisis we had to decide to invest in research: What C2C actually meant for mobility, energy, greenery, water, people etc.”

    Rob is very proud that Park 20|20 can now be seen as a showcase for the world. “…although it was never meant to be…”. The Park is visited by delegations from all over the world: governments, architects, students, media all visit it here and sometimes you come across a stray lost tourist. As well as the on-site attractive facilities such as the lush green landscape, the collective amenities, restaurant and urban farm there is a certain aspect of every building that Rob is proud of. For ANWB Reizen, it is the creativity with which Delta developed a business case that, thanks to the FOX theater, created a profitable building. For FIFpro it is the fact that this international union of professional football players feel right at home with the sustainable concept of the Park. These are great examples of the way in which we have encouraged our clients in regard to our own convictions of ‘’changing business from within’’.  However you will not hear Rob saying that this is our mission, because just like those who have taken our vision on board, he too would rather: ‘’just get on with it.’’


    Rob is also proud of some purely business successes, such as the creative and consistent way in which we acquired Plantronics. Or, for example, with the risk we dared to take with the development of NOW building also located at Park 20|20. This was our first multi-tenant at the Park and right from delivery it was leased to several leading companies. Insofar as the Cradle to Cradle story goes at BSH (where it all started), Delta knows more than any company how to transform C2C philosophy into sustainable profitable real estate, BSH’s Inspiratiehuis 20|20 remains a beautiful building with its outstanding green atrium and natural materials throughout. A place in which Rob is especially proud, and one where he is always happy to show people around.

  • Bram van der Welle

    His financial insight and levelheadedness towards business are two aspects that are useful in his role as Financial Director at Delta Development. Cradle to Cradle® projects demand huge investments and therefore have to yield good returns. Bram has a perfect understanding of that tension between delivering current returns based on investing in the future. For him satisfied clients are as important as profits and of particular importance are those clients who put Delta Development’s name firmly on the map. ….How does he stay sharp? He spends his free time racing over South Holland’s numerous bike paths.


    Proud of: Fokker Logistics, Schiphol East

    The re-development of the former Fokker aircraft factory at Schiphol East is, in Bram’s view, a great example of profitable sustainable building whereby existing real estate forms the basis of a new and innovative business park. The former Fokker site underwent a complete metamorphosis where the existing land and pre-existing materials were reused in a smart manner. In addition, the logistics buildings were designed for disassembly and further optimized in accordance with the Cradle to Cradle® principle. 

  • Koert Damstra

    For Koert it is the balance between enterprise and the creation of sustainable impact in real estate that matters. It is important to him that Delta Development Group’s projects deliver added value. This is perceptible in terms of energy, emissions, waste and material use as well as in the field of Human Centered Design, where functionality, aesthetics and work fulfillment go hand in hand, leading to higher productivity. It gives Koert a positive feeling to be working in a down to Earth company on projects with a good track record and where new initiatives are supported. His personal passions are cycling and cooking.


    Proud of: Head office Heerema Marine Contractors Leiden

    In the development of this project, people, flexibility and adaptability of the building were from the beginning central. It is clear that in all aspects that the Cradle to Cradle principle were apparent in the realisation of the new Heerema office that began with the redevelopment of an inner city location instead of the development of a new site. Much credit goes to the close cooperation with commissioning team from Heerema Marine Contractors and our colleague, Peter Diepenhorst (project manager) for the project’s huge success.


    In a True Value Case study conducted by KPMG, the impact of sustainable solutions applied to Heerema’s new building has been investigated. In the study on the basis of the Leesman reseach with well-known influences of productivity identified in literature, KPMG calculated the increase (or decrease) of the environmental and socio-economic value created by the new building. In addition, KPMG focused on the effects of Delta’s Human Centered Design: the design, layout and facilities for the well-being of their employees.


    It was also calculated within the study that the building has such efficiency that a substantial part of their rental costs will be returned over a period of 20 years. The building has a Leesman+  status and therefore belongs to the top 5% office buildings with a high level of user satisfaction scores.               

  • Sjanie Martis

    Sustainable development according to Delta Development is something that Sjanie Martis, Finance manager and Manager Legal Affairs believes in. Sjanie believes in a sustainable future in which it is our generation’s responsibility to ensure that next generations also have a future in this world. In her position as Manager of Legal Affairs she considers it important that the cooperating parties build up a lasting sustainable relationship, so that during contract negotiating all interests of all the parties involved are taken into consideration so that proper wording in the agreements can be reached. It should be done in a way that everyone understands what has been agreed even if it is a few years later, and whether they were involved or not.


    In her role she is closely involved in the realisation of innovative real estate projects such as the recently completed Plantronics building that despite the challenging planning and an equally challenging budget, has become a jewel in the crown for both Delta and Plantronics. Alongside her work she relaxes by enjoying the company of her (grand) children and Latin dancing is another one of her pastimes.


    Proud of: Buikslotermeer and Delta

    After nearly a quarter of a century since it was developed, Sjanie is still very proud of the project Buikslotermeerplein in Amsterdam which was built during the time that Chris Zachariasse, ‘the father of’ the present owner, ran the company. She is proud because the project with a Foundation cost of almost 35 million gulders at the time was twice as big as all previous projects. Having taken great risks in regards to building permits and a challenge in terms of the lease, Sjanie still remembers exactly how the decision was made to take on the project, she recalls it was made after a long meeting with all the parties when finally they agreed in the middle of the night! It is still referred to as the ‘buikpijn’ (stomach pain) project but the difference between the budget and the amount of foundation costs can still make Sjanie smile. In today’s development world this project is no longer comparable, now it is all about sustainable area development with much longer turnaround times.


    Alongside this project Sjanie is also very proud of the direction Delta Development Group has taken which is contributing “within available resources” to a healthier living environment and a future for our children and grandchildren”. She says she could no longer work for a traditional project developer because Delta always tries to convince its client to go as far as possible with Cradle to Cradle and the Circular Economy. She says that even if that must become a bit less because of resources then ‘’at least we did our best.’’Cradle to Cradle and Circular Economy fits very well  with Sjanie, she describes it as being a lifestyle and not a choice. She often looks to see if there is something she can buy from the local ‘recycling’ shop, not as a saving money option but from the sustainable perspective of the reuse of materials.

    Overall is Sjanie most proud of the way in which Delta does business. Our vision, mission and our values “open, creative, honest and innovative, is what the Zachariasse family is’’. In our partnerships we always care for the interest of all parties and, moreover for the planet. With deals that ‘’do not feel good’’ it is an excellent argument to keep creative and keep looking for solutions that work for all parties and moreover for the planet.

  • Paula Smith

    In a position with many varied aspects Paula puts her organisational skills to particular good use in the efficient managing of the many busy agendas that sustainable development brings. As right-hand person of owner, Coert Zachariasse’s she has a good overview of all the projects Delta are involved in and the real estate market in general. Her creative streak is useful in solving the complex challenges posed by international business, for example, her writing talent in her English Mother tongue is particularly useful in the commercial (international) aspects of the job. Her creativity extends to painting and writing poetry in her spare time and she stays fit with her regular trips to the gym.


    Proud of Technical Pavilion

    As a personal assistant Paula has a good overview of the many projects. She finds they all have something special which make them unique and yet with the materialization of the same ambition and vision that characterizes them all. The technical pavilion which is also Delta’s head office has a particular appeal for her, this is because she works there and experiences firsthand the benefits of human-centered design. With its green walls, carefully selected plants for optimum absorption of CO2, energy efficient; this open plan office is inviting and healthy. To be able to enjoy what we preach and then promote it is the sign of a truly successful project in her view.  The Experience Center based in the same building is where many meetings and presentations take place, Paula is proud to be part of the team sharing this space with visitors and seeing their interest and delight in not only this building but Park 20|20 in general where from the technical pavilion you have a great view.

  • Xander van Hoof

    Our projects provide inspiration and new ways of looking. One of these projects, the sustainable redevelopment of the Fokker factory terrain was the reason in 2005 for Xander to choose to work for Delta, this project was a great challenge for him because innovation in real sustainable real estate demands the utmost from specialists like Xander and this is where his talent lies. Fokker Logistics Park became a showpiece where new challenges had to be continually managed. It required patience, perseverance, and an overview and creativity to optimize the logistics buildings by employing Cradle to Cradle philosophy. The experience gained is now extremely useful in Delta’s new developments. Xander’s involvement goes very deep but sometimes he is off the radar and this is when he is away travelling on one of his journey’s which takes him all over the world. The beautiful photographs and travel reports he makes would not be out of place in travel guides as an inspiration  for others to visit.


    Proud of: Fokker Logistics Park

    Of course Xander is most proud of his role in his ’own’ Fokker Logistics terrain. An extensive project where he has really contributed to development as a project manager. From the discovery of artworks on demolition sites, the construction of new roads to the optimization of completely new buildings, all issues where the different disciplines of Delta Development come together.

  • Antoinet Maliepaard

    Antoinet has experienced a lot with Delta Development Group. She started as an Executive Secretary in 2003 at the former head office in Dordrecht however, during the economic crisis did not work for Delta. Since 2015 she has been working as project secretary for Sonate, the large residential project in the Spuikwartier in The Hague. She is based at the Delta office together where she works with project partners, Reggeborgh and VolkerWessels. She has therefore seen Delta change from a traditional project developer to the sustainable project developer that we have become. Where in 2003 the focus was on profit and value maximization, values ??are now the starting point. Healthy business is of course still the goal, but not at the expense of other things.


    Proud of:

    No matter how many times you ask Antoinet to name the project she is most proud, the answer remains the same: She is proud of Coert Zachariasse and his enormous drive and positivism. In the depths of a deep crisis in the development sector, he had the vision to turn Delta around into a the leading sustainable organisation it now is. The reason being he constantly motivates and inspires people with his unprecedented ambition. By constantly asking employees if it cannot be more sustainable; "because, according to Coert, it  can always be more circular. And his conviction is so strong that it is hard not to agree with that.”

  • Dave van de Werf

    Dave started as a project manager at Delta in Autumn 2018. That however, could just as well have been much earlier because a few years ago he was searching for a more sustainable way of project development, and Delta’s name came up. At the time though, the main focus was on the possibilities of working together in the future, so sometime later when Delta’s name came up again he had the advantage of knowing the company and was immediately interested in talking to them again and that is how Dave ended up working for Delta.

    Although he was determined to follow a study in Amsterdam, he ended up choosing engineering in Delft because of the course content and graduated in Real Estate & Housing.

    In his role as a project manager, his projects have included those for governments, banks, universities and healthcare institutions. As a developer in recent years, he was responsible for the transformation of the Bungehuis in Amsterdam which dates from 1934, into the exclusive Soho House. Plus a hotel and club that includes a cinema and an outdoor swimming pool.

    At Delta he is very involved with Park 20 | 20. He feels completely at home with the Circular ideas behind the Park and its office buildings. His challenge in the coming years is how to further the development of the Park while maintaining its current character, which includes a butterfly garden and plenty of greenery. He is determined to apply the Cradle to Cradle concept even further than has been previously done in the buildings at the park. "In my previous jobs I often could not go much further than Circular carpeting or Led lighting in a lease construction, fortunately I can go much further at Delta."

  • Lee Pors

    After studying Architecture and Construction Engineering at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Lee obtained his Master’s degree in Real Estate & Housing at TU Delft. In the subsequent steps, he gained broad experience in various real estate sectors such as portfolio management, real estate management and research. He then worked as an acquisition- and development manager at various foreign developers, which earned him a wealth of experience.

    In his role as a developer at Delta, Lee follows his ambition to develop responsible real estate in our world and go for "that little bit extra", or the "stretch" as it is called at Delta. He likes the open and transparent atmosphere in which that happens. "Delta fits me well," according to Lee.

    He thinks that in the past 10 years Delta has done exceptional things in the field of circular and sustainable development. He wants to further expand his ánd Delta’s knowledge in the field of sustainability, product as a service, circularity and human centered design and apply this to his projects. Once started at Delta, he was immediately up to speed: he worked on several acquisitions and is involved in the challenging start-up of the SONATE project in The Hague. That and the further development of Park 20 | 20 where further development of the park is picking up pace quickly.

  • Patrick van der Wulp

    Keeping a tight rein on the ropes and ensuring that each project remains financially in line is important for Patrick. Strict, accurate and thorough and with innovative elements that apply sustainable solutions. Less paper digitalization, energy efficient devices, working from home rather than sitting in traffic jams; because sustainability at Delta is key then these things become more commonsensible. In addition to number crunching Patrick’s passion is playing football and he also trains a youth team in his free time.


    Proud of

    Everything. Of ensuring that projects are financially in order, Patrick considers this paramount. For him all the projects are equally attractive and to pick out one that he is particularly proud of is too difficult to make.

  • Sander Vermeulen

    As financial controller at Delta Development Group you must not only care for numbers but people too because Delta is all about people.  This translates into continually investing in new technologies, new processes and other ways of thinking. As controller, Sander fulfils a (pro)active role and this was his reason for joining Delta. To stay fit Sander enjoys running regularly in the Dutch forests.


    Proud of Park 20 |20

    As a loyal resident of Park 20|20 with a view overlooking the Urban Farm, Sander experiences daily what Human Centered Design does for us. For him it gives peace and  calmness; the peace to excel in the figures and the space to consider carefully the financial challenges posed by new projects for example one of Delta’s biggest to date, the Circular Valley project. For Sander the office at Park 20|20 has the feeling of a home, a close-knit, valuable place where you work together on big plans.


  • Edwin Meijerink

    Following his studies in Business & Economics at Erasmus University and his diverse international experience at some large companies he decided to set up Delta Development Germany with Coert Zachariasse. As an experienced leader Edwin knows how to bind people together with his infections enthusiasm and knowledge, a talent that comes in usefully in his position as Director of the company’s German venture. In difficult times, he also knows how to keep calm and find solutions. Being active on or in the water, gives him the opportunity to widen his mind and reflect on the healthy future of Delta Germany so that sustainable ideas can be translated into real estate solutions.


    Proud of: Rostock

    It was one of the first major projects in Germany. Together with the city, we have created a new lively living environment at Rostock’s harbourside. Residential, offices and commercial real estate all make up parts of the development.

  • Julian Hotze

    After working as a project manager for a major project developer for housing projects in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Julian has found a new challenge at Delta in Dusseldorf.
    As an architect, it is important to him to create added value for the urban space and the people while the real estate agent in him also is concerned that construction projects are also planned economically sustainable.

    Julian believes in the responsibility of consciously using all the resources that are at our disposal.
    That is why he is very interested in the development of buildings that positively influence people.

  • Philipp Sonneck

    Philipp is with Delta Development Germany since February 2019. Through his studies of environmental engineering in the Netherlands and his master's degree in Construction Project Management in Edinburgh, he quickly became involved in Delta's sustainable projects.

    Philip is convinced that we need to stop being "less bad", the basic focus of today's politics, and start being "truly good". The cradle-to-cradle principle, as well as Delta, have made this a matter of the heart.


    In his free time, Philipp loves to travel, both for culinary experiences and to live out his passions for surfing and skiing.

  • Kirsten Schanzenbach

    Kirsten started in 2014 at Delta Development Germany. From the moment she joined she was a valuable asset at the office and her interest in sustainable development and Human Centered Design meant she was a perfect fit in the team. Kirsten is convinced that a fast-paced real estate project like Cradle to Cradle inspired real estate projects such as Pulse Berlin, gives the German real estate market the impetus to generally build more sustainably. Her passion for travel offers inspiration to gain new ideas.

  • Claudia Korsten-Hübner


  • Coert Zachariasse

    Coert believes in the power of innovation and has the unique talent of turning a vision into a solid plan that results in sustainable returns. For Coert, Cradle to Cradle® is the guide to giving future generation something valuable. His unstoppable belief in Human Centered Design results in buildings where productivity is demonstrably higher than comparable office premises. His background in Registered Accountancy has been essential in his drive to create a complete business case for Cradle to Cradle® real estate. In his sustainable ambitions Coert  leads the field within Delta and is an acclaimed national and international visionary. As a former accountant he is able to ensure that ‘healthy business’ is literally just that. In 2013  Coert was chosen as the most influential sustainable real estate professional in the Netherlands and Fortune Magazine recognizes him as one of the world’s top 25 eco-innovators.