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What is Next

DeltaNext is Delta Development Group’s innovation and consultancy bureau. Next advises, implements, inspires and supports companies and governments in the field of circular real estate & area development. Our concepts and advice are based on the latest insights and technologies. Users are central and we provide them with proven business cases. We can work for our clients, but we can also work with our clients.


We can rely on our many years of experience as project developers and advisors. Not only theoretical knowledge, but – and we think this is just as important – practical knowledge: “If you want to understand it, build it.”  This is our firm conviction and this is exactly what we do. Since the emergence of the Cradle to Cradle® philosophy at the beginning of this century, Delta has been developing according to its principles, so for nearly 20 years we have been creating, advising and evaluating with C2C at its backbone.

Next is now

We bundle our wealth of knowledge in DeltaNext. To search for and with our clients solutions for the enormous societal challenges of our time. And together, driven by our need for improvement, to shape a new future. For this it is necessary (as well as good) to keep renewing ourselves, just as we have done in the past two decades by finding, new materials and techniques, inventing and applying.


So it is not only about theoretical concepts. We also ensure that we learn by evaluating and measuring what we apply, because the (scientific) investigation of results and effects is just as important for us and because every cycle of continuous improvement provides us with the knowledge that in turn is the starting point for What is Next?

SHARE in aanbouw. Het 9e circulaire gebouw op park 2020

Are you next?

That is possible. Is your company or business also passionately active in making your processes and products circular? We are always curious and interested in working with motivated parties. We use an interdisciplinary approach in which we bring clients, suppliers, implementers and universities together, sometimes supplemented by surprising partners from completely different disciplines. Pleasure and passion remain the ingredient in the process because we are entirely convinced that they are important drivers for success.


So: “Are you Next?”


Developing tomorrow today. Together. Better