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Way of working

Delta working for sustainability

Delta Development  works on the continuous improvement of real estate by the application of Cradle to Cradle® philosophy and new ways of looking. As project developer, we have grown from pioneers in sustainable development to specialists in Cradle to Cradle optimized real estate. Together with our ambitious partners, we have created sustainable value in our projects and have proven this to yield sustainable returns on financial, social and ecological levels. As a result of these achievements created by our continuous renewal and drive, Delta Development Group’s founder, Coert Zachariasse is identified throughout the sustainable development world and has been recognized in Fortune magazine as one of the top 25 eco-innovators.


Four pillars

Our approach is based on four fixed elements and these in combination form the solid engine behind our success.

A matter of value(s)

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  1. During the last decades Delta Development has developed from a value-driven organization into one in which value optimization has become the logical consequence to its activities. The ‘Values to Value’ concept by William McDonough is central here, acting as a compass in decision making; in that context we are able to test our results on both a business and moral basis. In this way every decision becomes a logical step that truly creates value for us; for everyone with whom we work and of course, for the planet. In this way we are building a sustainable future together.

Sustainable Returns

  1. Delta Development is playing an ever increasingly crucial role in the development and realisation of leading real estate projects. Over the years we have taken the Cradle to Cradle® principle from theory into practice. Since our first encounter with William McDonough, Delta Development has embraced the C2C principle and actively brought it to a higher level. We work closely with Z|C Consulting where we look for new materials and methods and together we spread our knowledge worldwide. This challenges us to go one step further to look for innovations and improvements. It is now apparent that our steady investment in people, time, partnerships, technology and processes is increasingly paying us back, the evidence that building in accordance with the Cradle to Cradle® principle does bring rewards.

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Continued Improvement

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  1. Feedback, research and innovation ensures the continued improvement of our services and partnerships. These aspects are an integral part of all the projects we realise and every new step we make is one better than the previous one.  Our years of experience in the development of sustainable real estate have led us to understand like no other what solution works and what does not. Our concept developers and project managers spend a significant amount of time on innovation, they put limitless C2C ambitions into action and from this knowledge and cooperation the bar is raised further still.