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  • Hoofdkantoor Mercedes-Benz
    Transformatie door Delta Development Group
    Hoofdkantoor Mercedes-Benz

Coert Zachariasse in PropertyNL regarding a successful transformation for Mercedes-Benz

The Mercedes star shines in an empty Nieuwegein

Both Delta and New NRG have experience in tackling ‘impossible’ complex projects. Delta’s experience in Cradle-to-Cradle developing plus the sustainability ambition of New NRG, combined with OPL Architect’s brilliant design, has yielded a result of which Mercedes-Benz can be justifiably proud.


In the article, Coert compliments the Municipality on their co-operation and his client on their professionalism. Delta’s Human Centered Design approach and Daimler’s MeWe Space-concept, whereby employees are central instead of cars, are a perfect fit together. This is tangible in this flexible and functional office with its profusion of greenery and daylight.

The completed building has been captured in a beautiful photo report by the Italian art and architecture photographer, Moreno Maggi at the request of Mercedes-Benz.


Receptie Mercedes Benz Nederland

Hoofdkantoor Mercedes Benz Nederland

entree Mercedes Hoofdkantoor Nieuwegein


Hoofdkantoor Mercedes door Delta Development Group Atrium

Atrium Mercedes Hoodkantoor Delta Development Group

vergaderhoek Mercedes Benz Headquarters

Headquarters Kantoor Mercedes