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Heerema Marine Contractors

From redevelopment to sustainable icon

Heerema Marine Contractors

With the realisation of Heerema Marine Contractors new headquarters Delta shows how redeveloping  existing real estate can give a city centre a new impetus. The sustainable redevelopment of Heerema’s building has been successful in ending years of erosion in the area.


True Value

Delta Development Group has used Heerema’s new building to quantify the improvement of the effectiveness of the workplace in comparison to their former old building. To do so Delta asked KPMG to apply the True Value assessment tool (which KPMG developed), to the Leesman results. Within KPMG's holistic method, the social, environmental and economic effects of new buildings are translated into a net cash value.


Together with the World Green Building Council, the project was presented as a case study, as a global example of the potential for increasing productivity in green buildings.


See/download Delta case studie the WGBC report and the KPMG True Value Case study here.

  • BREEAM Excellent Rating
  • Application of Cradle to Cradle Certified ™ materials throughout the building.
  • Clean renewable energy is provided by solar boilers combined with heating and cooling of ground water which leads to further improvement in thermal comfort and energy saving.
  • Leesman + Certified Building (LMI score of 70,1) for work place effectiveness; This is the highest Leesman productivity score in the Benelux and top 4% of offices worldwide.
  • The work efficiency and satisfaction are 21,9% higher than in their old office.
  • After 6 months the user satisfaction > 95%
  • KPMG True Cost Methodology has calculated that het new building shall in the coming 20 years give an estimated productivity forecast worth € 42 million.

A sustainable team building

The redeveloped office building on the Vondellaan was vacant for many years, but because leasing the 40 year plus building was not an option, the idea came about to demolish it and create a whole new bigger building. Delta commissioned the architect to develop something very special at the location, a new team office concept that gave Heerema’s employees all the space they needed.


Heerema Marine Contractors


September 2015


OPL Architecten/Redesigners


Wessels Zeist


22.575 m2


BREEAM-NL Excellent

First BREEAM-NL Demolition Certificate





Vondellaan, Leiden


First BREEAM-NL demolition certificate

  1. *
  1. Heerema's Vondellaan 47office served as a pilot project for the development of the standard for the BREEAM-NL demolition certificate and was the first building in the Netherlands to receive this.

World Green Building Council 2016 report

  1. Delta Development Group has collaborated with the Leesman Index and KPMG to contribute to the World Green Building Council (WGBC) 2016 report. BUSINESS CASE: Health, Well-being and Productivity in Green offices. In this report, a team has made the world’s first comprehensive calculations regarding financial benefits that companies can gain by employing solutions that increase the well-being of employees, the effectiveness and productivity. The positive reactions to this study have led to the WGBC launching a series of further studies so as better to be able identify and quantify health and productivity growth in commercial real estate.

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HMC Academy with the most advanced crane simulator in the world

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  1. The K-Sim Offshore simulation platform has been installed at the headquarters. This simulator consists of two workplaces for crane operators and a carefully replicated bridge. It is the most advance crane simulator in the world; it is equipped with the models of semi-submersible ‘Balder’ and ‘Thialf’ (14.000 tons of hoisting capacity), the offshore installation ship ‘Aegir’ (4.000 tons of hoisting capacity) and various pontons. In addition, the software is programmed with all the objects and possibilities that a ship might encounter in real life.