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Karavelle Quartier

Living, working, shopping and enjoying the 'Holzhalbinsel' Rostock

Karavelle Quartier | Living, working, shopping and enjoying


Delta Germany is part of the group of developers who, with the realisation of the Karavelle Quartier, revitalized the Holzhalbinsel. At this site, which previously belonged to the wood industry, a lively community has arisen where living, working, shopping and relaxing all come together. This was Delta Germany’s first major project and one where sustainability already played a prominent role during development.


Water, a major role

Light plays an important role in the 38 exclusive apartments with large windows and light domes creating a pleasant living environment. The use of healthy materials, heat insulation and construction in accordance with the KFW 70 directive, are all measures taken to ensure an agreeable place to live and work. The wave-like form of the apartments and the office building is a reference to their location alongside the water; an important part of the Holzhalbinzel. Within the courtyard, a green oasis provides a healthy and attractive environment. Circling the apartments there are shops and restaurants that bring a liveliness to the area and there are also 129 senior homes which were built by the Renafan Group.


Office within walking distance of the city center

The semi-circular shape of the office building is a real eye catcher upon the island. This multi-tenant building has been built with flexibility in mind which makes it adaptable and suitable for different clients. The already established companies benefit greatly from the attractive location which is close to the city center, the tram on the doorstep together with other good transport links plus the benefits that the general development of the whole area brings.


Nattler Architekten


Kondor Wessels Bau Berlin


living, office, retail


38 apartments, senior apartements, 400 parking places, 5.200m2 office, 6.200m2 retail


Rostock, Duitsland


  • Karavelle Quartier - Rostock
  • Karavelle Quartier - Rostock