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Mercedes-Benz Netherlands

From unsustainably old to sustainably new

Mercedes-Benz Netherlands

Circular building is not necessarily about constructing new buildings; if, for example, an existing building is suitable for transformation  then this is preferable because of the enormous amount of energy stored within. By transforming existing buildings, the immediate saving on CO2 emissions alone already has a huge positive impact on the environment.

With keen foresight, Mercedes-Benz Netherlands has chosen such a building in which to establish its new head office and this has proven very suitable for transformation. The building was completed in 2001 and since then has been mostly vacant, however, by looking at it in a new way, it will now be transformed into a modern and inspiring workplace.


Delta Development Group took up the project in 2016 with New NRG and VolkerWessels. The architect, OPL has interpreted the transformation into a fantastic design in which the strength of the building comes into its own. By removing the central part of the building and covering the inner gardens, a large Atrium has been created. As a result, the whole construction seems to breathe and all users can enjoy plenty of daylight throughout the building. Alongside this, sightlines have been carefully created to enable employees to connect and thus internal communication is easily promoted.


During the designing of Mercedes’ new head office, OPL Architects made optimum use of Delta's expertise and experience in the field of sustainability and Human Centered Design. The results are a light, sustainable building with pleasant acoustics and good air quality. Healthy materials are used throughout and photovoltaic cells are integrated in the atrium roof. In the words of Coert Zachariasse: "... something beautiful has been created out of something quite difficult ...".

Delta Development Group foresees a great future for building transformation because of the enormous impact from an environmental perspective it can have, plus of course, there being less capital destruction. Due to the fact there are many Cradle to Cradle materials available for building and disassembly, the circular principle applies very well to transformation.

Presently there are however, a large number of buildings that are unfortunately not suitable for transformation because of their construction or location. It is Delta’s conviction that by constructing good Cradle to Cradle-optimized buildings today, the number of buildings that can be transformed in the future will be far larger.


  • 9 million. tons CO2 savings by using existing casco. (based on average embedded energy of 2,200 kwh/m2)
  • The building was empty from the moment it was delivered in 2001. Now it will be used for many decades to come.


Transforming an 'ugly duck' into an attractive and productive workenvironment.





Mercedes-Benz Nederland


January 2019


Delta Development Group, New NRG, VolkerWessels


OPL Architecten


14.417 GFA

273 parking spaces


  • avond Mercedes Benz Nieuwegein
  • Overdadig daglicht en groen onder geintegreerde PV cellen.
  • Natuurlijke materialen en ledverlichting
  • Vergaderzalen met aandacht voor daglicht
  • Hoofdkantoor Mercedes-Benz, Nieuwegein
  • Hoofdkantoor Mercedes-Benz, Nieuwegein
  • Hoofdkantoor Mercedes-Benz, Nieuwegein
  • Overdadig daglicht en groen onder geintegreerde PV cellen.
  • Hoofdkantoor Mercedes-Benz, Nieuwegein
  • Hoofdkantoor Mercedes-Benz, Nieuwegein
  • Hoofdkantoor Mercedes-Benz, Nieuwegein
  • Overal daglicht in het kantoor en de vergaderruimten
  • Ruime andacht voor gezonde lucht
  • Hoofdkantoor Mercedes-Benz, Nieuwegein
  • Hoofdkantoor Mercedes-Benz
  • Hoofdkantoor Mercedes-Benz, Nieuwegein
  • Hoofdkantoor Mercedes-Benz, Nieuwegein