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nördliche spitze

a view of the future


Directly oppostie Düsseldorf Airport, a future worthy project is being realized on the Nördliche Spitze. With this project of the same name, the focus is on sustainability, digitilization and Cradle to Cradle®-principles. The building which consists of two thirds hotels and one third office is impressive, not only because of its holistic character but also because of its special design created by Slapa Oberholz Pszczulny architecten also based in Düsseldorf.



The building complex will be built on an area of ??14,889 square meters in the north of the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. It will accommodate two H-Hotels with approx. 237 rooms in the H2 Hotel and approx. 264 in the more luxurious H4 hotel. A spacious conference room of approximately 1,000 square meters is available for both hotels. The same applies to the planned fitness room and the sky bar on the eighth floor. Parallel to the hotels, approximately 16,000 square meters (GFA) of office space is planned. A two-storey underground parking garage with a total of 587 parking spaces together with the 50 outdoor parking spaces provide sufficient parking space. Electric charging stations for cars are provided. These can be expanded in the future.



Read the press release from H-Hotels about the project here.

The Nördliche Spitze is future-proof, in the holistic design process special attention has been paid to three issues.


Since a building must nowadays not only meet current needs, but must meet the requirements that will undoubtedly be imposed upon such future projects, it is important that these requirements should already be taken into account. This is why the Nördliche Spitze receives the German Sustainable Building Council’s Gold-certificate. In addition to the ecological, technical and economic quality, the social-cultural quality, the functional plus the process quality and quality of the location is also determinable and distinguished.

It goes without saying that the Cradle to Cradle ® -principles are applied during the design phase. Delta has been pioneers in the application of Cradle to Cradle ® -principles for well over 10 years. The renewable, recyclable and health-promoting products used at Nördliche Spitze therefore completely comply with these principles. By knowing the exact composition of substances used in the materials in the construction, we prevent the use of harmful and polluting substances in the building materials. As a result, the building has healthy indoor air greatly increasing the comfort of hotel guests as well as increasing productivity in the office areas. The building’s “design for disassembly” is completely in accordance with Cradle to Cradle principles, this is whereby right from the start, the design takes into account the way in which the building could be demolished. By using building materials whose individual components can be separated, it is possible to set up a building’s "Material Passport" in which all recyclable materials are accurately listed and stated. The building thus becomes a ‘material bank’ in which materials for the future are stored.

Of course, a building must not only look good and be sustainable, it has to function well. To guarantee this, special attention is paid to facility management in the planning process. The energy demand and physics of the building were individually determined by simulations. This has resulted in the best possible utilization and optimum design of the technical components.


As the quality of the internet connection, coverage through the mobile network and the possibility of further digitization are becoming increasingly important factors for tenants when choosing office space, the office wing of the building is WiredScore certified. The Wired certificate ensures transparency and the associated access to information about telecommunications equipment for tenants. More information can be found on the WiredScore-website.




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