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Park 20|20

World's first Cradle to Cradle inspired business park

Park 20|20

Park 20|20 is the world’s first Cradle to Cradle optimized working environment. The park combines innovation with sustainable designs, it uses an optimal ecological approach and works with closed systems for energy and water.  Central to the whole approach is human well-being, for today and the future. The total result is in an inspiring, healthy and productive working environment. By using this fruitful methodology high quality services and economic growth are the positive outcome.


  • Biggest collection of Cradle to Cradle Certified ™ material worldwide
  • The Park 2020 Masterplan has received an Honor Award from the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)
  • Winner SHARE Award 2012
  • Consistent user satisfaction> 95%
  • High Leesman Scores of buildings measured  (Leesman average = 60,4)
    • BSH = 69,3
    • Delta / Technisch Paviljoen = 78.2
  • Total project investment € 354 mln


Inspiration and motivation

Amongst Park 20}20’s ergonomic buildings, the inviting landscape which is lush with a wide canal running through, creates a stimulating and motivating place for employees. With plenty of space for meeting up, Park 20|20 stimulates job satisfaction and creativity. The water and landscape structure also function as an important part of a water filtration system and a system for clean renewable energy that regulates heat and cold.

Park 20|20 offers numerous facilities and great service.



The design of the buildings makes optimal use of the natural (energy) sources and is in accordance with Cradle to Cradle-principles. Four key assumptions are: design for disassembly, products of service, material banking, and productivity & health. The buildings are especially designed for disassembly and within that, used materials are identified and categorized in BIM models as either biological or technical nutrients to promote future upcycling capabilities.


Only with a fundamental new, sustainable approach to the development of offices and approach to work can organisations keep achieving high results in the future. It is at Park 20|20  that these things are happening; sustainable values, job satisfaction and economic growth all come together here.


Delta Development Group, VolkerWessels, Reggeborgh Groep


William McDonough + Partners 

N3O Innovative Design and Engineering


  • Park 20|20 - NOW Building
  • ANWB reizen @ Park 2020
  • Circulair Park 2020 near Schiphol
  • FIFPro and Poly @ Park 2020
  • Circular officepark Park 20|20
  • Circular officepark Park 20|20

Park 20 | 20 as green backdrop

  1. Trade association VHG is an association for green professionals. For its members, the association issues a manual under the title "The Living Garden". In the latest version, attention is now also being paid to business green. "Green is no longer a decoration, but it contributes to the quality of our living environment, biodiversity and the health of people," according to the VHG.

    For the film at the introduction of the new manual, the VHG Park 20 | 20 was chosen as a good example. See for yourself why.

Rare butterflies find a house

  1. *
  1. The landscaping and choice of plants at Park 20 | 20 has been especially made so as to create a park that will provide food and breeding sites for three critically endangered species of butterfly in the Haarlemmermeer.