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Plantronics / Poly

Soundscape | A new sound at Park 20 |20


The European headquarters of Poly*, producers of professional communication apparatus, features specially designed acoustic zones that improve the productivity and well-being of employees. For this market leader in the field of audio technology, one of their criteria’s for their new office was that the building had to provide perfect acoustics. This was achieved and as a result this sustainable building was recently awarded the John Connell Soundscape Award.



*(Poly is the new name of Plantronics after it merged with Polycom)

  • Highest Cradle to Cradle level of quality reached in Europe (at moment of delivery)
  • BREEAM-NL Excellent rating
  • Global showcase for Plantronics for their 'smarter working' concept based on 'bricks', 'bytes' en 'behaviour', which has a positive impact on employee productivity and workplace effectiveness
  • The building has been awarded the Connell Soundscape Award, due to the practical and innovative solutions to reduce noise on the work floor.
  • Nominated by Jones Lang Lasalle Winning Workplace
  • Delivery on schedule

An acoustic masterpiece

In today’s buildings, the increased use of open plan office space makes it increasingly difficult for employees to concentrate. During the design of Poly’ building, by considering all its functions, layout and how people would use the building, a unique acoustic sanctuary was created. Together with Poly and acoustic specialists Poly was given its own unique sound.


Built around people

The design of all office spaces at Poly are based on the wishes and requirements of the employees. There are quiet rooms, informal seating areas, meeting rooms, a music room and a gym. The biophilic design leads to better collaboration, concentration and productivity. The building is well used, each employee moving several times a day to work as efficiently as possible.


Smarter working

Plantronics is a pioneer in the field of effective and energetic working. As in their offices in America, the UK, Germany and Spain, Poly’ headquarters at Park 20|20 in Hoofddorp was also designed according to the principle of ‘smarter working’. This concept which encompasses four office spaces focuses on: concentration, collaboration, communication and consideration.


Cradle to Cradle® DesignAs with all the projects developed by Delta Development Group, the Cradle to Cradle® Framework is the basis for the design. All the materials were carefully chosen in terms of health, toxicity, circularity, water management, energy consumption and social impact. The intensive collaboration with our suppliers has led to new, innovative products that can also be applied in future Cradle to Cradle projects.  


Plantronics / Poly


July 2016


William McDonough + Partners – N3O


IBB Kondor




BREEAM Excellent


Park 20|20 Hoofddorp


Proces of cooperative development

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  1. Prior to the start of the project, Plantronics, Delta and Park 20}20 design-/construction team were involved in two training sessions and four major workshops with external experts in the field of smarter working, acoustics and Cradle to Cradle-design, this was to develop a building that could actively contribute to Plantronics’ the performance, productivity and well-being of its employees. Following the workshops the programme of requirements, building design / engineering and interior design was all geared to Plantronics’ method of working to deliver an office that perfectly suits the company. Plantronics were so pleased with the process that after 2 months of preparations during workshops, they switched from a lease contract to a purchase agreement indicating their desire for long term occupation of the building.  

Acoustic temple

  1. All the rooms feature revolutionary soundproofing and acoustic zones, as well as images and sounds from nature- such as waterfalls on each floors- and this is used to manage noise. Another application is the partition wall in the building that mimics the surface of a crystal. This shape can effectively deflect sound waves and thus lead to improved concentration. Employees with different working styles can therefore work without the distractions that usually occur in an open space office. The building has already been awarded the John Connell Soundscape Award, because of the practical and innovative solutions to reduce noise on the work floor.

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