Logistics & Office

The world is changing. There are multiple issues concerning climate and the
energy transition. Cities are growing exponentially creating new demands when
it concerns quality of life. The route is clear: city logistics will eventually
become emission-free. Those who don’t like surprises are already anticipating
this. That’s why CitySwitch was developed.

The market offers a variety of solutions for Last Mile Logistics. Almost all of them highlight Last Mile Logistics from the point of view of completing those last kilometres as effectively as possible. That is undeniably important, but is it also future-proof? How do you ensure that the transhipment point is a pleasant workplace that contributes to job satisfaction? And how do you minimize the the cost of your operation and the impact on the quality of life in the city?
Our logistics hubs enable us to effectively serve the Last Mile in city centres. CitySwitch is not only a point of exchange for goods, but also for means of transport. Grey becomes green, circular becomes concrete. Sustainability with decisiveness: that is the foundation on which City- Switch is building the future.
CitySwitch makes Last Mile Logistics sustainable and efficient.
How can you organise freight transport to and from the city as efficiently as possible? And how can you stimulate sustainability at the same time? CitySwitch has answers to both questions. CitySwitch creates strategically located logistics hubs on the outskirts of the city. Each hub consists of two to eight units that are fully equipped for the transhipment from trucks to electric vans and cargo bikes. Therefore CitySwitch provides an ideal operating base to serve the city.
CitySwitch is a sustainable distribution centre for city logistics. Each user has their own unit. Depending on the location, two or four units are combined in a building. CitySwitch was developed for the transhipment of goods from truck to electric (delivery)van or bicycle. The goods are then transported to their final destination in the city.
Heavy goods vehicles are banned from the city centre. This is not only good for the living environment and road safety, but also helps to optimise logistics flows. A unique feature is the spacious layout of the site with an eye for safety, in which traffic flows are separated, also for employees. Trucks dock on the short side of a unit, delivery vans and cargo bikes on the long side.
Get closer to your customers
Emission-free will inevitably become the norm and that offers opportunities for sustainable urban distribution
1,500 m²
GFA business space
2 to 8
units per Hub close to city centres
240 m²
Approx. 240 m² shell delivered to be set up as an office / canteen / dressing room, for example
25 locaties
bij de grootste steden in Nederland
Op het perceel aan de Rondebeltweg 114-116 worden twee CitySwitch Units gerealiseerd.
Locationsaround 25 locations across the Netherlands
StatusConstruction started in Groningen, Almere and Heerlen
Parking spacesMore than sufficient
Electrical charging infrastructureMore than sufficient

Sustainable Development Goals

Future Forever standards
non-toxic materials, biophilic design, natural air quality and climate control, activity-based work layout designed for productivity and wellbeing, outdoor communal green space, connected to transport and services.
Circular design
built for disassembly, bolted, not welded, optimised for layout customisation, solar panels and carbon capture.
fully electric with ample car charging points. Docks flexibly adaptable for vans