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Fokker 7|8

World’s first C2C optimized logistics building

Fokker 7|8

This logistics building lies in a prominent position at the entrance of the park directly on the Fokkerweg at Schiphol. Its form and appearance makes it the calling card of Fokker Logistics Park. The durable ‘built-to-suit’ distribution centre consists of two flexible divisible floors that are designed in accordance with the wishes of the tenant. The combination of space, playful architectural elements, light and green creates an attractive and healthy working atmosphere. Fokker 7|8 is the world’s first logistics building where development according to the Cradle to Cradle-philosophy has been widely applied.


The building is constructed according to the Design for Disassembly principle which makes it possible for future easy reuse or recycling of all materials. All components are added to a material passport, as a means of recording the material banking. Calculations show that if the building should be disassembled  and replaced there would be a construction saving of 33%.

  • The world’s first C2C optimized logistics building
  • Fokker 7|8 wins the National Steel price for Sustainability
  • Sustainable innovations identified with suppliers such as CO2 purifying asphalt by applying olivine and 100% recycled biological asphalt
  • Around the building, the old infrastructure has been renewed and natural banks around the ponds have been replanted in which swans, foxes and meerkats now breed and live.
  • The high quality indoor climate provides healthy working conditions for all users.
  • There is lots of natural daylight and, healthy and clean materials that do not emit toxic gases. Many trees and plants have been planted and they actively purify the air.
  • By the application of C2C materials, construction costs are not higher than a standard logistics building
  • Tenants here have the freedom to finish their buildings as they wish.

Schiphol – Oude Meer

38.000 m2


Volkerwessels, Reggeborgh Groep

VOC Logistics, Worldwide Technologies, Panalpina


'Anthony Fokker' opens Fokker 7|8

  1. 'Anthony Fokker' opened a new logistics building. He arrived on site in Anthony Fokker’s original Lancia Lamba dated 1926 . 

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National Steel Price for Sustainability

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  1. The jury report states: 'This project has been devised from A to Z and further developed in detail with sustainability in mind. Everything can be dismantled from foot boards to concrete floors. How this differs from a completely bolted steel structure, is the fact that the whole concept has been consistently implemented throughout the building. Even the roof and façade are attached to the steel structures with screws instead of a set mounting system so that disassembly at a later date is possible. All the parties involved deserve special praise including the construction site staff who were instructed daily with special storyboards. The project is a fair winner in which the client may be mentioned as an entrepreneur of circular building in a market segment in which every cent counts.